4 Things to Know When Hiring Pool Table Removalists

A pool table or a billiard table is a fun piece of furniture that’s great for socializing. It’s also quite expensive, so it would make sense that you would want to take it with you if you’re moving. However, moving a pool table is much more difficult than you think. It has several fragile parts, making it a complicated task that could cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs if you decide to take the DIY route.

Hiring professional pool table removalists can save you the hassle and the headaches of moving your pool table.

Pool Tables are Heavy

Attempting to move a pool table by yourself can lead to serious injuries. A standard American pool table can weigh up to 250 kgs, or even more depending on the kind of materials used. Wooden pool tables are relatively heavy and are difficult to move, while aluminum pool tables are lightweight and portable.

Pool Table Removalists Have the Right Tools

Without the right equipment, disassembling a pool table can be an impossible task. Professional pool table removalists have all the proper tools, from screwdrivers, trenches, staple removers, to padding blankets. Additionally, pool table movers come with trucks that can hold your pool or billiard table safely in place during transportation.

Pool Table Moving Services Have Insurance

A pool table is a delicate object that requires special care during a move. If you ask your friends to help carry your pool table, what happens when they drop it? It’s unlikely that they’re willing to pay for the damages. Pool table moving companies come with insurance which guarantees that your investment is protected should anything go wrong.

Pool Table Removalists are Experts

Pool table removalists plan ahead and consider factors like the destination, space, and whether or not there are stairs involved. The most common problem faced by pool table owners is that its new location is too tight, making it impossible to fit. Expert pool table removalists accurately measure the space to ensure that it fits comfortably in its new home.


If you’re thinking of getting a pool table for your man cave, or if you’re buying a pool table for the first time, it’s best to put such a delicate (and expensive) object in the hands of professional removalists. Not only will it save you time — it will also save you costs that you would be facing if you risk DIY-ing the move.

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