6 Astonishing Lights For Your Kitchen Space

What’s a well-designed kitchen without beautiful kitchen lights, Of course, natural sunlight is the best light one could opt for, but if you don’t have a window outlet for rays of sunshine to light up your kitchen, you could choose from a variety of kitchen lights to brighten up the heart of your house.

First things first, during the planning stage, you need to discuss with your interior designer what type of kitchen modular you are going for and the shape and size of your kitchen. You can then opt for your desired kitchen lights and accordingly install the wiring for the same. Now for that to happen, you first need to browse through different types of kitchen lights –

  • Task lights  – Just as their name suggests, these kitchen lights throw light on highly functional areas of the kitchen, like above the gas stove, the sink, and even inside the cabinets, to help you navigate through the required ingredients quickly and easily. You can even install a kitchen chimney with an LED light if you don’t want to install a task light above the gas stove.
  • Accent lights – Want to highlight certain areas and interiors of your kitchen? Then you should probably go for accent lights. They don’t put a strain on your eyes and are also beautiful decor for your kitchen elements like your cabinets and island countertops, as they usually get fitted at the bottom of your countertops or cabinets.
  • Pendant lights – Just like a chandelier, pendant kitchen lights are a great statement piece for your kitchen, especially if you’ve got a dining table, kitchen island, or bar island. Pendant lights usually come in sets, so depending upon the length and size of your dining table or island, you can decide upon the number of pendant lights you may require (usually up to 3 lights would suffice) and opt for warm colours to set the mood right.
  • Recessed lights – For a very basic, yet simple and elegant vibe in your kitchen, consider installing recessed lights instead of boring old tube lights. Recessed lights are built into the ceiling walls.You can install dimmer switches for these lights so that you can access them at any time of day and dim them accordingly—bright, brighter, and subtly warm.
  • Flush mount lights – Just like recessed lights, flush mount lights are installed in your ceiling, but the only difference is that, unlike recessed lights, flush mount lights have a glass housing, allowing more light to spread across the kitchen. Flush mount lights are ideal for small to medium-sized kitchens.
  • Track lights – Installed in a linear pattern on the ceiling, track lights come in different numbers, depending on the length of your ceiling above your island countertop or breakfast table, whichever suits best for your kitchen. The only thing you need to keep in mind about these kitchen lights is that you need to figure out the correct angle to install them lights in order to avoid any shadows overcasting your countertop.

Now, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of kitchen light, you can mix it up by installing all of them if your budget allows, and make sure to add dimmers to recessed, flush mount, and.

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