Choosing The Correct New Front Door To Beautify Your Home

As a fixture on the front of your home, the door is a key component of the overall aesthetic quality of the property itself, and it reflects upon you with neighbours and visitors alike. Like most large fixtures on the house, the front door is not something you often replace, and having decided to do this requires proper research into your options. We’ll look into the available materials, their qualities and why they might be the right choice for your home.

Use The Information Online

Many door suppliers have good quality websites displaying their products; use this resource, undertake an online search for ‘bespoke doors Oxfordshire’ obviously substituting where you live. Take some time to view plenty of websites for ideas on the type and style of door you prefer; this will help you identify some possible local companies you might shortlist to supply and fit your new door.

The Available Materials

There are hundreds of different front door designs to choose from, from traditional solid panelled doors to doors with glazing panels; you could, if your budget allows, select a bespoke design unique to you and your home. Let’s look at the different materials now –

  • Timber – having a natural and classic look, doors made from various woods such as Oak are very popular suitable for modern and traditional homes. They can be solid, one-piece examples and have glazed side panels that allow natural light. They are more expensive than other options, though they offer superb aesthetic qualities.
  • UPVC – this material is a popular option for the budget-conscious; it is long-lasting and low maintenance, which are also excellent qualities. There is some restriction with this material as it is only available in basic colours but should not distract you if it fits the profile for your new door.
  • Composite, a newer material than the two predecessors, uses modern manufacturing processes that mix solid materials to produce thermally efficient, durable, and secure doors. Many contemporary options are available, from solid minimalist design to classic wood effect examples.

Each of these materials may be more suitable to your home, don’t be constrained by thinking you have to replace like for like; it may be that a different, more stylish choice might be the answer for you.

Finding The Right Supplier

Having done plenty of research and decided on what characteristics you want for your new door, start talking with your chosen potential suppliers using their experience and advice. They should be able to offer you an end-to-end design and installation process, which should make you feel confident you’ve made the right choice. Discard any companies who don’t give you the feeling they are a professional outfit; it’s your right as a customer, don’t be pressured into using an installer you aren’t happy with. Always get at least three quotes for replacing your new door; once you have all the costs, it may be possible to negotiate downwards in your favour.

With this information and a good idea of what you want for your home, you can progress with the replacement of your new front door in confidence.

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