Effective Ways to Turn A Greenhouse into Powerhouse

In present scientific era everything is possible, thus it is even possible for green plants to provide you power energy without spoiling the natural elements. Yes, isn’t that amazing! It seems really wonderful to have your much-required power with the help of plants grown in green houses.

How this awestruck wonder generates eco-friendly power?

It is a known fact that solar cells are designed to generate electricity by using the heat of Sun rays. The only drawback to have required electricity is lack of space. In most areas, where there are open land people use it for agricultural activities, and thus the solar panels don’t get much space to be installed. Hence, the productivity of electricity is affected as the panels aren’t exposed to direct sunlight. This issue gave rise to new discoveries like to enjoy electricity and to grow crops same time and in same place.

Solar cells scientifically termed as OPVs (Organic photovoltaics) are planted on the roof of green houses. The solar cells are easier to make and moreover they remain transparent. Hence, it helps light to pass through them with ease. Thus, scientists got the idea to use the roof of green house to install solar cells that won’t be a hindrance for the plants inside the green house to seek sunlight for growth.

How it works?

It is known that Sunlight has many wavelengths of light. They may be in form of infrared light or normal light that is seen by human beings. Usually, plants absorb the lights of red, and blue however reflect green color. Thus, it was possible to have extreme wavelength of rays to generate electricity and the rest of Sun heat as absorbed by Greenhouse plant to grow fully without any problem.

This discovery has inspired many agriculturists to install their own solar panels and grow their plants in the same place. Now, you can even generate your own electricity for saving money with your greenhouse vegetable garden. Once installed using the new technology, you will have no worries of being frustrated of power shortage or paying huge electricity bills. You will have your own organic vegetable garden yielding more than required, thus you will have surplus income. Moreover, save highly on your power bill.

Added benefits:

  • More such combo of green house and power house is sure to help in saving our non renewable energy. While farmers adapt this high technique, they are sure not to think of being dependent on State authorities to provide power supply.
  • Often in chill cold days or during night few species of green house plants are grown using artificial lights. The solar panels are placed in such a way that they get maximum sunlight falling on them to turn into power beneficial for the plants in the greenhouse to go green and fresh.

  • The heating expenses become less, thus saving money aids in earning huge profit while the food products are sold in the market. This is the basic reason for many cold region agricultural enthusiasts ready to install solar power for their greenhouse and personal usage.

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Author Bio – Born in northern California, Jonnor Keys has 25 Years experience in the field of horticulture, gardening, building and servicing irrigation, landscape design and installation.

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