Key reasons you should consider buying under desk footrest

A few terrific roller versions are available on the market that encourages a rocking action, keeping your feet engaged all day. The plastic footrest will never be a fan of plastic. They frequently appear and feel cheap, but they are not good for the environment. If you prefer plastic, go for something high-quality and long-lasting with a dash of science.

That way, rather than something that breaks after a month, it might be something you use for years. Some of the disadvantages of sitting at your desk all day can be mitigated with the use of a footrest. As absurd as it may sound, they promote “active sitting.” Some people claim that a footrest can also be used as a standing desk, although I’ve never tried it. Key reasons you should consider buying under desk footrest:


  1. 18-inch width with height adjustment
  2. Cushioning that is firm
  3. Design that is easily transportable
  4. Limited one-year guarantee


  1. Cover prone to dust accumulation
  2. Pieces occasionally separate from each other
  3. What Users Like

Here are more benefits:

They can stretch their feet at work if they want to.

Most people find that stretching their feet at work requires a breadth of 17 inches. The Nekmit, on the other hand, takes it a step farther by aiming for 18 inches. This one-inch gain is significant, especially for people who have big feet.

As with a height-adjustable desk, you can choose your preferred height.

However, the nicest aspect of this ergonomic footrest is that it can be adjusted to any height, exactly like an adjustable height desk. If you’re a short person, go with the four-inch component. Use the piece that’s only two inches tall if you want to optimize the desk clearance. Combine the two pieces for a maximum height of six inches for taller people. It’s a great footrest that can be adjusted.

The cushion has enough firmness to keep you from sinking.

The half-cylinder component has a non-skid bottom that keeps it in place as long as the adjustable straps are used. If you don’t require a six-inch footstool, the smaller two-inch cuboid cushion can be used as a seat cushion or back support.

The Nekmit can be taken anywhere.

It is not only because the footstool can be separated into two pieces but also because it has a handle on the side it was created with portability in mind. You may also fidget with ease, simply turning the footrest upside down. Finally, a one-year limited warranty covers any flaws or replacement requirements.

What Users Despise

The does have a tough nylon cover; however, it collects dust quickly. It can be removed for washing and drying, but a dust-resistant cover would have made this an ideal product. If you don’t pay attention to how the two pieces are strapped, they’ll separate frequently.


These drawbacks are by no means fatal. The tremendous adaptability more than compensates for them. Finding a sturdy, portable, and adjustable footrest that can accommodate persons of various heights is difficult.

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