What Are Smart Roller Blinds & Why Should You Install Them?

If you’re looking for a smart, modern solution for the blinds and curtains in your home, you might want to consider installing smart roller blinds. Motorised smart blinds have seen immense growth and popularity in Australian homes due to the added convenience, sleek designs and smart home compatibility. If you’re still not sure if smart blinds are the right solution for your home, this article will go over what smart blinds are, how they work, and some reasons why you should consider installing them.

What Are Smart Blinds?

As the name suggests, smart roller blinds are simply the latest iteration of blinds and curtains that integrate technology to enable smart functionality. The window coverings are activated via Bluetooth or wireless internet that is usually paired with an app on your phone or a proprietary remote control that comes packaged with the blinds.

While wireless control of your blinds and curtains may not seem like a substantial enough benefit to warrant the extra cost, one of the biggest benefits of smart roller blinds is the fact that the blinds can be set to open and close at certain times and intervals throughout the day. This allows you to effectively control the temperature as well as increase the security of your home whenever you’re away.

What Are the Best Reasons to Install Smart Blinds?

The added convenience and luxury of smart roller blinds makes them a great addition to any home. However, convenience is only one of the reasons you should consider installing smart blinds. Some other reasons to install smart blinds include:

  • Accessibility Options: As smart blinds can be integrated with your phone or other mobile device, this makes it possible to control them via voice control. This can be an especially important feature for those who may suffer from mobility issues or other physical health issues that make opening and closing blinds difficult.
  • Superior Climate Control: Smart roller blinds can be set to open and close at certain indoor temperatures or throughout certain times in the day. This provides homeowners with superior climate control without the need to use other temperature control devices such as air conditioning and fans.
  • Potential Savings on Energy Bills: With energy prices on the rise, most homeowners will be looking for any way they can save money on their energy bills. Due to the ability to control the indoor climate and the ability to schedule when the blinds open, smart roller blinds can provide homeowners with a small but noticeable saving on their energy bill. This small saving adds up over the long term, and in some cases could justify the cost of installation.

 What is the Cost of Installation?

Prices for the installation of smart roller blinds can understandably vary on a case by case basis, however, in most instances roller blinds can be self-installed, meaning the only cost you’ll pay is the price of the blinds themselves and any accessories you may need to purchase to enable smart features. The cost of smart blinds will also largely be contingent on the size of the window you’re hoping to install them on.

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