What is Roof Ventilation?

Ventilation is a key component in maintaining your roof and home in good shape. It could prove more difficult to cool your home in the summer without ventilation. Poor ventilation can also lead to a buildup of moisture, which could cause mold and mildew.

What is Ventilation?

Ventilation allows air to flow into your attic and draws it out. Ventilation is the process of removing hot air from your attic and replacing it with cool air. Proper ventilation requires both exhaust and intake components. Because hot air can’t be sent outside, you must bring in fresh air to replace it.


Mechanical ventilation requires that both the intake and exhaust vents of vents be open so that heat is expelled from the inside, but cool air can also be pumped outside. If natural ventilation is not sufficient to allow proper airflow, this type of ventilation may be required in some buildings. Mechanical ventilation may be required in buildings located in areas where there is little wind.


Natural ventilation allows hot water to escape by itself. Hot air rises in pressure and will vent to the outdoors via any channel it can, such as a roof vent or window. Cooler, lower-pressure air should be able to move in and replace the hot air.

How much ventilation do you need?

To ensure proper ventilation, ventilation should be distributed throughout the attic. Building codes generally require at least one foot of ventilation per 150 square feet of ceiling space below the roof.

Where should ventilation go?

Ventilation must be installed in both the low and high attic. Vents in the roof will provide high ventilation. These vents let the hot air escape. Vents that are lower than the windows or soffit allow cool air to enter from the outside.

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