Why You Need Ventilation For Your Metal Roofing

People often think of durability and aesthetics when they consider a roof replacement. It is often overlooked that ventilation is an important aspect of a roof. Roof ventilation is crucial for a long-lasting roof and energy efficiency. It also regulates temperature and improves indoor air quality. Before you sign a contract, make sure to ask your roofing contractor about the ventilation of your roof. This will ensure that you have a better roof and a better house. Learn more about ventilation when using metal roofing. Old Time Roofing, is a leading Pinellas roofing company. Call Old Time Roofing. today if you are looking for “roofers close to me”.

Why ventilation is important for metal roofing

  • Condensation control – Metal is the number one enemy! This is especially true if it gets trapped inside a metal roof. Condensation can lead to corrosion, mold buildup and decreased thermal performance. This will all result in significant financial losses. Metal roofing ventilation systems remove warm, humid air from your attic. This prevents mold growth and eliminates all chance of corrosion.
  • Temperature regulation – Temperature regulation is crucial for a healthy roof and an energy-efficient house. Properly ventilating your metal roof with proper ventilation will help you achieve a stack effect. This means that warm air is taken from the house, allowed to rise to the roof and pushed out to the outside world. This ventilation strategy can keep your home cool in the summer and reduce your need for air conditioning, which will help you save money over time. In the winter, the opposite effect can be achieved by changing the direction and speed of the ventilation system to keep warm air in the house and push out cold air through the basement. It is important to remember that ventilation systems not only regulate the temperature of the home but also help the roof regulate the temperature. Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause rapid expansion and contraction in metal roofing panels. This is a leading cause of roof warping and premature roof aging. The degree of expansion or contraction can be reduced by getting rid of excessively warm or cold air.

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  • Indoor air quality: Proper roof ventilation is essential to remove volatile organic compounds from commercial and residential spaces. Indoor air can be 100x more polluted than outdoor air. This is why homeowners and businesses should make every effort to ensure that fresh, clean air enters their homes. Windows and other natural ventilation methods can be helpful, but mechanical and power-assisted ventilation systems such as those found in many metal roofings can replace impure indoor air with clean air from the outside.

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Proper ventilation is essential when metal roofing is installed. Old Time Roofing is a roofing contractor that services the Pinellas area. Call Old Time Roofing today!

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