Why you will be using Trex and its accessories when renovating your home

You are full of excitement leaving work on Friday with the weekend ahead of you, as you have the keys to the first home that you ever owned. It will be some time yet before you and your beautiful partner are ready to move in, as it needs lots of work doing on it.

The first tasks will include getting your mates to help to sort out the plumbing and electrics. While all this is going on, you have left your other half to look at designs. One thing that you both agree upon is that you will use Trex accessories.

Trex is a company that manufactures a composite as an alternative to wood which includes decking, railings, and other outdoor items made from recycled materials. You are both environmentalists, so using recycled products appeals to you. The great news is that you have found a supplier for Trex not too far from your new Brisbane abode.

The company has been in existence for nearly 70 years and are known in the industry as the ‘Timber Experts’. Well, with a reputation such as that, the fact that they want to supply Trex is good enough for you. Why would they put their good name on the line if it wasn’t a top-class product?

The product is low maintenance and provides a high performance, which you will certainly use for an area of decking for inviting friends round for barbeques, as well as providing the attractive railings. It comes in a range of gorgeous colours, which will enhance your outdoor space. The material is easy to clean and has an excellent longevity. And best of all for first time buyers, is that it offers excellent value for money.

The accessories that come with it will make it a joy to install. The decking boards easily fit together and there are fascia boards available to allow extra usage while helping the planet and the overfilling landfill sites. The connector clips look just the job which can fix Trex to metal and timber joists.

The actual Trex is extremely hard wearing and scratch resistant even which allows for any inadvertent slips when putting it together. It’s perfect when exposed to the sun, which comes with a 25-year limited warranty against fading and staining.

You are delighted to have found out about Trex and to have located the premier supplier of the product and its accessories.

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