Wonderful Ideas for Converting Your Garage

Many of us forget that our garage is a useful space we can change if we need to create an extra bit of room in the house. If you are thinking about expanding your home, but you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a new extension or attic conversion, why not transform your garage? Although it may look dusty and dark, you can easily change this space with a bit of work.

Installing a New Garage Door

Before you even think about changing your garage and using it as a living space, you must first assess the condition of your garage door. If you’ve an old or damaged garage door in your garage, you’ll need to upgrade it or install something more modern. You’ve a wide range of options to choose from, such as roller garage doors and sectional doors. You should look at two important factors when changing your old garage door.

  1. Electric Doors – If you’ve a manual garage door, you should consider removing it or upgrading it for an automated model, depending on the condition of the door. Most garage doors can be upgraded to feature automation, just contact a professional in your area and ask for their opinion. Some will visit your home free of charge for a consultation. Electric garage doors are far more convenient than manual models.
  2. Insulation – When the temperature drops during the winter, you’ll need your garage door to act as a good insulator of heat. Modern garage doors have outstanding insulation, so if you use the garage as a bedroom, you won’t feel the cold during the winter months. A well-insulated garage door should be top priority when you choose a product.

Once you’ve a quality garage door in place, you can then concentrate on revamping the garage. Here are some great ideas for homeowners looking to use this area for purposes other than storage.

Kids Play Zone

Unfortunately, living in the UK has some downsides, one of them is the cold weather. There are long periods throughout the year where your children won’t be able to go out for obvious reasons. If you’d like to give them some space and give yourself a break, you can convert your garage into a children’s playroom.

Extra Bedroom

Instead of building an expensive extension or moving home when your family gets bigger, why not focus your attention on the garage? You can easily upgrade your home and add an addition bedroom where your garage used to be.

Home Office

More and more people are starting to work from home and finding space can sometimes be difficult. If you convert your garage, you’ll have a functional area where you can get some work done in peace.

You can do a lot of different things with your garage instead of using it as a storage area. But before you go ahead with the transformation project, you should make sure you have a secure, well-insulated garage door in place. It won’t just keep the room warm; it will also protect your home by acting as a solid barrier.

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